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LiFePO4 - The future for off-grid battery banks?

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  • Originally posted by karrak View Post

    I saw the Latronics inverter in your picture and thought, here is yet another system in Australia or New Zealand.
    As PNJunction said, thanks for the update. Your system is the oldest that I have seen an update on.

    Looks like a perfectly sized LFP battery if you are running a generator with just over one days storage capacity (~15kWh). I would be interested to know how often you have to run your generator.

    We have a smaller system and requirements, we have 1140W of solar panels, 360Ah@24volts LFP battery(~9kWh around three days storage capacity) installed in April 2013, 4kW inverter and no generator. Our winter requirements are ~2.5-3kWh and summer ~5-6kWh. Like you, cooking is done on induction hotplate and electric oven in summer and wood stove in winter.

    If one didn't want to run a generator, now that solar panels are so cheap I would look at oversizing the solar array and decreasing the battery to maybe two days storage capacity.

    If the battery lasts ten years I have calculated that the cost of storing power in our battery will be ~$0.40-$0.50/kWh, for your system I calculate around $0.30/kWh assuming you are storing around half you daily consumption.

    Hi Simon,

    Yeah system works well still - 6+ years in. Generator runs are only really in winter, and not every day. On a nice crisp day in winter we still get 12-14kWh power - anything less than around 7kwh the day previous then we would start the generator the next day. So in summer : we would only run generator say 2-3 times on horrible cloudy days - most cloudy days give us 8-12kWh ('summer' starting late August through early May) 8 months of the year.

    Batteries have only been deep cycled (power dropped out) a handful of times say 20? maybe - otherwise everything well.

    Our 'otherwise' cost would be NZ$0.30/kWh + NZ$1.00 per day connection fee - 10yrs 13kWh/day = NZ$3650 connection fee + NZ$14235 power ... nice.

    So far it's been 6 (and a bit) years...


    • steveg, thank you for staying active in this thread
      3680W - FLEXmax 80 - FX3048T - 8x L16P-AC 435Ah