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LiFePo4 Battery Packages Available

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  • LiFePo4 Battery Packages Available

    I see that Balqon has LiFePo4 battery packages available for a reasonable price, and includes a BMS. They list a 5.2 kwh 24 volt package at $2580, and have larger options. Cycle life is rated at 3000. Just wondering if anyone has experience with such a package?

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    Yes I do, just different manufacture. Not familiar with [COLOR=#333333]Balqon. Price seems reasonable, it might be a little less expensive using CALB[/COLOR] cells.

    Personally I would not use lithium for solar as of yet mainly because long term FLA is still less a little less expensive, and there is really no solar charge controllers compatible with Lithium as of yet. At least not on the scale you are talking about. An equivalent FLA battery would need to be 440 AH and to get a good FLA with roughly the same cycle life would run you around $1400 like a Rolls S-530.

    Unless you have an application that demand extremely high charge/discharge rates FLA is the best bang for the buck.
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