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    Have 2 x12v test systems that I want to convert into a single 24v system. The question is... I have 2 x 12v GEL batteries that I want to connect in series, one 250Ah and the other 230Ah. Is there any badness in connecting these 2 given the Ah difference? TIA

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    Quick answer. Usually it is not a good idea to wire two batteries with different Ah rating in series. One of them will take on the brunt of the work and probably cycle faster. and die sooner.

    Another issue is using GEL for daily cycles. Most GEL are not designed for that type of duty.


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      Sorry for the delay in replying and cheers for the info. My GELs work fine. One runs all my small stuff (TV, lights, laptops etc) via a 300w (hundred) inverter and a 12V out port on my charge controller and the other runs a 1000W inverter for my fridge, blender, angle grinder. and other "big" stuff. They don't like a severe draining (due to bad weather, e.g. 7 day fog) and take about 24 to 48 hours to properly recover, but I can keep going for many days and in normal use they give me no problems at all. I was going to move the GELs to one system for an occasional use water pump I'm installing and lead acid at 24v the other system, but I'll stick with what I've got..