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    Yep I went and done it and will probably get flak from Sunking on doing it but I bought the smallest 48V forklift battery one can find 24-85-9. My GC2's are on the way out the door due to being in worse area one could be in the US for solar 6 months a year over past 2 years, never going back there the place just destroys everything including your soul.
    Anywho flush those GC2's down the drain maybe use them to run things around the yard till dead but I got a 48V battery as I already said and I am going to reconfigure it to 24V which would put me at 1088 AH at C20. I am eventually going to 48V for my house and is reason I bought such battery, I weld also along with few other things, currently I use generator to weld. Though instead of going straight parallel on the two banks I'm going to take the negative from each series banks and run it to a marine switch and just once a week pull from either or and charge them up accordingly so they get enough charge going into them from what panels I have. Only problem I see is maybe one gets used or more cycles put through it than other one.
    Should I say F*&#$ it and go straight 48V and put a step down to power up my current place I am in? The place I am is a RV I rebuilt which means the 24V system will stay forever as there isn't enough room to take 48V on the road in this rig.
    I know I need to get more panels and another charge controller to handle anymore panels but my current configuration is Midnite Solar 150SL and these are 405W Bifacial panels.Screenshot_2021-02-27 MidNite Solar - Classic Sizing Tool .png
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    1.2 kWh solar 10.56 kWh battery @ 24v in a RV