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Epever Tracer and AGM Batteries

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  • Epever Tracer and AGM Batteries

    I have been busy during the lockdown, and have extended my Solar Shack PV. I now have 2x array of 600w 1.2kW @ 60V which if I have understood the jargon is 3S2P ? facing east and west. Each bank of panels feeds in to its own Epever Tracer 4210AN.

    The general idea is that because I can only have the panels facing East and West I guess I benefit from the early morning to afternoon sun, and then the afternoon to evening Sun, but I with only a limited peek power of about 600W.

    The charge controllers feed in to two 130AH 12 AGM deep cycle batteries that are in parallel. and then the batteries go off to the inverter.

    I have emailed the suppler for the data sheet for the batteries but have not yet had a reply, so in the mean time, using the Epever controller software I have set both controllers to the same values. Would someone knowledgable take a look and tell me if these settings look about right.

    The batteries are these :-

    And a screen shot of my settings :-


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    Some More Info. Battery Specs
    In the battery specs its Talking about standby use and cycle use and these have different charge voltages. Does anyone know if they relate to float and bulk charge ?
    If so a float charge of 13.8v and a bulk charge of 15v would be at the higher end of the scale ? and anything in the middle would be OK, or have I gotten this wrong ?
    Thanks In Advance


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      Standby use is like atw the phone company, the batteries are on a low float charge, and only get used 1 a month when the grid drops out.
      Cycle use, you discharge and recharge daily, and because the batteries never have a long sit time, the float voltage is a bit higher.

      If your batteries are unused for more than 3 days, you would be STANDBY service settings
      If you are off grid, you are CYCLE service.

      I am attaching the stage descriptions for my Morningstar controller,
      1= BULK (max avaib current till the battery reaches the Absorb Voltage
      2= ABSORB. ( battery is held at a set voltage and current tapers off as it completes charging
      3=Float ( a voltage that keeps the battery charged, without it gassing
      4= EQualize ( a slight overcharge to equalize voltages in all cells of the bank

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