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Could not find absorption voltage in battery specs

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  • Could not find absorption voltage in battery specs

    Hi people,

    I'm new in the world of solar energy and as every beginner I've made some mistakes.

    One of them was purchase of Chilwee GEL 6-EVF-100A battery.

    Here is the link to battery specs:

    Could you please help me to figure out absorption voltage?

    On the third page I've found 14.4V in Table 2 - Parameters for Constant Current Charge Stage, then there is also 14.7V in Table 3 - Parameters for Constant Current Charge Stage and in Table 4 - Parameters for Constant Voltage Limited Current Charge Stage. At the end I've found float voltage of 13.8V (if I'm not wrong) in Table 6 - Parameters for Float Charge Stage.

    I have Victron Energy MPPT 75/15 3-stage charging controller.

    I don't want to destroy my battery after few weeks, so I need your help.

    Thanks a lot!

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    If it is a true GEL, then their figures are COMPLETELY WRONG, as those voltages are for AGM - and typically high peformance ones at that. I suspect these aren't high performance agm's!

    With GEL, set the absorption NO HIGHER than 14.1v absorb. Or just end up replacing your batteries sooner than later due to voids in the gel, warped plates, and cracked casing with higher absorb voltages.

    This is a classic example of a manufacturer not knowing, or bowing to commercial pressure to try and make consumers think that gel and agm are plug-n-play compatible with each other. It's been going on for years.

    14.1v absorb max (temp compensated of course) and you'll be happy, although due to the lower absorb voltage, it takes longer to *fully* recharge as compared to an agm.