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Flooded Acid Battery Bank Maintenance-Crown 430 amp hours

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  • Flooded Acid Battery Bank Maintenance-Crown 430 amp hours

    Our batteries have a green or white eye, that detects when we need to add water. Our question as we monitor this is what is the optimum point to add the water. We are guessing it is best to add the water when the battery bank state of charge is at 100%? Otherwise, the water level may be lower, and when at 100% the water level should be at a premium, we don't want to over flow, we want to prevent spillage. Thanks for your comments with this type of battery bank maintenance.

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    I try to add water in the morning, so that the bubbles in the absorb cycle, will stir and mix the electrolyte around, otherwise the plain water will sit on top of the heavier acid, till the next Absorb and not get mixed in till then.

    Before EQ the batteries, make sure there is enough water to keep them covered, but leave enough space so that as they warm up, and fluid expands, it doesn't run out. Top them off AFTER the EQ is done
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