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  • Evergreen panels

    I have some used evergreen 190 panels
    Im not sure how old they are but I've read that the string ribbon design are no longer made.
    for 10 years or so now.
    does anyone know how long they last.
    Or how there out put degrades with time?

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    I have a couple arrays of Evergreens I installed ~2010 still going strong. I think the usual curve of 5% first year, 1% each year after would apply to them. Maybe longer because they didn't get the stress and micro fractures from sawing and cutting regular wafers get.
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      Mine are running fine. I still get over rated output on cold sunny winter days.I doubt I will ever see any testing on them for degradation but my guess is they are no better or worse than silicon wafer panels.

      It was good technology it just got crushed by China dumping panels on the world market. I