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    Sun Eagle,

    That is quite what I was trying to focus on, once the OP said it was a street address sigh I tried to downsize it. My philosophy is KISS keep it simple st......
    i read (into what he wrote) that the OP had a bit of electrical knowledge but didn't know the scale. The 35 a.h. Mobility battery is one of the beat choices that was suggested. Still it is way too big, Solar yard lites do the same thing with only a small lithium cell, I didn't suggest that as I did not think that the OP would be able to accomplish that due to the charge requirements of lithium. The battery keep growing in size to make the project not worth doing.


    Now I see exactly why you yelled at another poster "STAY ON SUBJECT"


    I do know who you are, I do read Mike Holt's forum for years now. I have great respect for your knowledge of the code. I'm no newbie to electricity. Your treatment of me is appalling. There is no reason to use "disguise profanity" to put me down. Period. I've done electricity since thr late '50's as a tinkerer and professionally since 1965. I retired out of the professional communications industry where I did small scale solar on communications repeaters since 1969 among other things. I've done 50 kW and larger broadcast station transmitters both FM and TV. My first FCC license has 4 digits....after the P1-15 I was born into a ham radio family and chewed the fat on the h.f. bands for years before getting my P1 commercial lisence and serviced bush plane radios, VHF for state of Alaska State Trooper and many others

    Anyone else on this forum born in territorial Alaska way beyond the grid......I am a born offgridder.....LOL

    seeing that ive managed to piss off too many people maybe I should retire from this forum and go back to where I'm welcome

    im not here to impress anyone, only to gain knowledge and share what little knowledge that I have accumulated

    To all those who have "liked" my posts THANK YOU! I have enjoyed sharing what I know....

    sad david
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