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Balanced Battery Wiring

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  • Balanced Battery Wiring

    I've started to diagram segments of my project, starting with the batteries and main distribution (attached).

    Based on the battery I want to use, and the Ah options available, I'm going to use a 4S2P configuration.

    For each series bank, I've adapted a 'balanced' wiring layout to ensure uniform charging and discharging. For each ban,k there are three identical 'short' cables, and three identical 'long' cables, plus two additional cables for ground and hot. Does this look right?

    When the two series battery banks are connected in parallel, will the entire battery pack is still be balanced?

    Any other thoughts welcome.

    Battery Wiring.pdf

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    Where's the 4S part? Everything looks to be parallel wired. To series wire 4 batteries you simply need 3 cables.
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      Originally posted by littleharbor View Post
      Where's the 4S part? Everything looks to be parallel wired. To series wire 4 batteries you simply need 3 cables.
      DOH!!!...posted the wrong file, see attached.

      So I get my new (AGM) batteries, but before installing them in the system, they need to be cycled a couple of times to 'break in', is that correct?

      What is the order of connection? First bank - #1) negative post to ground buss, #2-#4) three battery inter-connects, #5) positive post to hot buss - repeat for second bank? Should I charge each series bank alone, or both connected in parallel?

      After charging, what should I use to discharge the batteries, how quickly should I discharge, and to what SOC?

      Lastly, is the order of disconnect simply the reverse order from connecting them in the first place, as above?

      Sorry for all the questions, but it would be a shame to destroy a new battery doing something stupid

      Battery Wiring.pdf


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        If you have the discipline and a generator to provide the required recharging, you can install the batteries and use the system to discharge and recharge per the instructions. Otherwise you have to do that off-line
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          Mike-sorry if I wasn