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Need help with battery system configuration

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  • Need help with battery system configuration

    ay, 02:12 PM
    Hi there. I need a bit of help here i have 8 batteries at 12v 130amp each i need a 24v system so i connected 2 batteries in series so i have 4 groups in series of 24v 130amp and then i connected the 4 groups of batteries in series which it gives me a 24v 520amp battery bank. But the question is:
    if i make to group of batteries at 12v 520amp by connect 4 batteries in paralel first and then connect them in series so it should give me 24v 1040amps. So the question is which is the best connection to do?
    thanks for any suggestions.

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    Hi Uli, I moved this to the battery topic area. Be aware that battery capacity is in amp hours (amps X hours), not amps.


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      Duplicate Post

      Uli it does not work like that. You wire the batteries 2S4P which will give you 24 volts @ 520 AH.

      Series Law: Voltage and Power adds, Current remains equal
      Parallel Law: Current and Power adds, Voltage remains equal.

      2 in series = 24 volts, 4 x 130 AH in parallel = 520 AH

      Proof: Each battery is 12 volts x 130 AH = 1560 Watt Hours. You have 8 batteries and power adds. 8 x 1560 AH = 12480 Watt Hours.

      12 volts x 1040 AH = 12480 Watt Hours. All 8 batteries in in parallel or 8P
      24 volts x 520 AH = 12480 Watt Hours. 2 in series and 4 in parallel or 2S4P
      48 volts x 260 AH = 12480 Wat Hours. 4 in series and 2 in parallel or 4S2P
      96 volts x 130 AH = 12480 Watt Hours, 8 in series 8S

      No matter how you spin your 8 batteries you have 12480 Watt Hours. Simple math. Like having $100. Does not matter if it is a single $100 bill, stack of 5 x $20 bills, stack of 100 x $1 bills, or a stack of 1000 pennies, it is still $100.

      No where is the hard lesson you will soon learn. If those were 6-volt 520 AH batteries wired 4S for 24 volts @ 520 AH would last 2 to 3 times longer than your 8 x 12 volt batteries. Ouch! Hard lesson to learn. Remember that when replacement time comes. That is when it is like counting money.

      MSEE, PE


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        I have a thousand pennies. Trade you for a hundred dollar bill.
        2.2kw Suntech mono, Classic 200, NEW Trace SW4024


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          Originally posted by littleharbor View Post
          I have a thousand pennies. Trade you for a hundred dollar bill.
          Oops can't count zeros today.

          MSEE, PE


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            Cheers Steve???


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              Hi Steve one more question can I use different solar brands but with similar voltage and amps and watts example 250w 60 cells but differents brands like LG and Sony?
              will apreciated for some suggestions