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    I have 48 12V AGM batteries in 12 banks of 4 =48V. 900Ah ish. When charging and discharging,even just sitting with no load some are uneven,Voltage. I think it is very important to have the batteries balanced. I am going to try 12 batteries in parallel. I will have 4 banks of these in series to equal 48V. Is this a better way to keep everything balanced?I am also going to use a balancer like this:

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    Batteries wired in parallel have a very good chance of charging and discharging unequally due to the difference in resistance paths of each parallel rung. Having different voltages is exactly the end result of those different resistance paths. No "balancing" device will help.


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      when it comes time to replace the battery bank, look for 2V 800ah cells and run in a single string. Parallel batteries are tough, parallel AGM even worse.
      see for details
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        Higher Voltage you brought this problem upon yourself using parallel batteries. Never ever parallel batteries. If you need 900 AH, buy 900 AH batteries using 2 or 4 volt batteries. Get out of that 12 volt box you are trapped in. There is nothing you can do to correct the problem. The good news is by paralleling your batteries, they will be dead soon and need replaced. Do it right next time and your batteries will last 4 times as long with no balance issues. Save your coins, you are going to need them to replace the batteries.
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          Ya I would love 2V batteries but I cant afford them or anything for that matter . I got these for free so I need to make them work as long as possible. For now they charge and discharge well and hold a charge. When they are full they take in less then 200w. Under 2500w load they stay in the 49v range for hours. I wish my funding wasnt so limited .There is so much combinations to try.