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More 6V batteries vs fewer 12V batteries

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  • More 6V batteries vs fewer 12V batteries

    I'm putting together a 24V 370Ah battery. Is there any disadvantage to using 2x 12V batteries which are physically larger than 4x 6V batteries?

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    Which 12 volt 370 ah battery are you using? That would be a huge battery. 8D 12 volt batteries are only in the low 200 ah. range. There are lots of quality L-16, 6 volt, 370 ah. deep cycle batteries available
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      I agree with littleharbor. A 12v battery rated more than 200Ah will be very big and very heavy. Better to build a system using lower voltage high Ah rated batteries.

      Since your system is only 24v @ 370Ah the 6v batteries would be a better solution.


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        There is a reason they do not make many or any 12 volt 370 AH batteries. For Flooded Lead Acid battery they weigh roughly 60-lbs/Kwh.

        Kwh = Battery Voltage x Amp Hour = 12 volts x 370 AH = 4.4 Kwh.

        Weight = 4.4 x 60 pounds = 260 pounds.

        A 6-Volt 370 AH battery weighs 130 pounds.

        Ask you back and fingers, they know which one to use. So unless physical dimension restrict your choices use a light battery. That is why the make them in 2, 4, 6, and 8 volts. In my line of work we use a lot of 2 volt 4000 AH to 6000 AH batteries and those monster weigh 500 to 800 pounds each x 24 batteries for 48 volts. We use Gorillas from the zoo and these battery lifts and Baby Powder to do our work in case you are wondering.

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