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Amount of batteries needed to start 1/2 HP well pump

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  • Amount of batteries needed to start 1/2 HP well pump

    I have an off the grid solar/battery system I use at a cabin in the middle of the woods. It is a small system but works great for weekend trips. I have a 24vdc to 120vac 2000w/6000w surge inverter/charger, ~100ah of batteries at 24v, and 200w of solar panels. This provides us with enough power for the weekend and by the time we return the following weekend, our batteries are fully charged from the solar panels. We also have a generator that we use when we need to run the current well pump which is 220v. I wanted to replace the well pump with a 120v well pump so water is available even when the generator is off (current inverter is only 120v). Now, this would only be for small amounts of water usage, if we were going to take a shower, I would still start the generator to prevent draining our batteries.
    So I purchased a 1/2HP submersible well pump. After doing the math, this is the smallest that will work for our well. The water table is 105 ft. down and it pumps to a 30-50psi tank. Before I pulled the old pump I tested the new well pump in a bucket of water. The pump would