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  • Originally posted by JohanVanR View Post
    Freedom of speech is important to me
    Get over it. You obviously do not even know what Freedom of Speech even means. Lets start simple with it does not apply to any forum. It only applies to oppose government period. Today's youth have no clue what the first amendment means. They try to use it as a weapon and a shield to hide behind. Dan played you and everyone as a fool. He pretended to be so sweet and innocent, when in fact he was a passive aggressive looking for trouble. . If you had done any research you would know what is he is and what he does. Trust me he is use to being banned from many forums. He was banned the day he showed up and tried that so called Freedom of Speech crap and it worked for a while. All moderators and the owners wanted him gone and let it go to far. He finally hung himself and was exposed.
    MSEE, PE


    • Dan often had bad advice, many times dangerous. The risk of him fooling a neophyte into doing something that has a predictable outcome of a house fire, was way too high to allow his posting to continue. And way too much pie in the sky idiot daydreams that many times resulted in locked threads because of his poor science.
      Dan is history, get over it, this is the forum of fewer illusions.
      I'm not selling anything, I want you to have a safe and useful solar experience.
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      • Hey, I like you guys (and gals?)! I have only posted twice, but, as an old(er) person myself, I agree with the ban. Too many younger folks do scream "Freedom of speech", but to Sunkin's point, that doesn't mean that whoever provides a service (such as this site) MUST allow you to join/post or do anything. Especially since this is not a paid service. (BTW Moderator, how/where can I donate $ to support this site?) Even as a paying subscriber, I will still have no right to post nonsense or anything else the moderator doesn't care for. Even if they don't like my grammer.
        They have NO obligation to anyone (even me for writing this) to keep your account active, regardless of what you write. And, for the record, any business you walk into should not be FORCED to put up with misbehavior or demands that impede their business, beliefs or practices. The entitled will take everything they can at our expense. And by the way, "Science" isn't something to either agree with or not. Real "Science" by definition, is data driven and factual.
        I will withhold my $.02 on climate change, since this topic has already "heated" this forum up.