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    Any tips for venting batteries?

    For my batteries, I will have either 4 AGM Golf Cart Batteries Group GC2, or 2 large Lead Acid Batteries Group 903. I realize that AGM batteries are sometimes installed in places that don't have venting, but by reading the stickies I see that they don't need to be vented until they go bad, and then AGMs have a 3 PSI cap for it to vent. Might never use it, but its there.

    Is using a battery hood with a hose attached to the top not a good idea? I see this in my RV with the battery I have in my RV now, but none are for sale. I can't even pull a pic off the internet to put in the post. It basically easily moves on top of the battery and you easily move it off when you need access to the battery. This does not have a seal, but the hose goes to the outside.

    Where can I find a battery box for the Group 903 batteries? I can find battery boxes for Group GC2 batteries, but can't seem to find one for the 903. The GC2 Battery boxes are $11 each and look as if a vent hose can pretty easily get installed on the top.

    For those that have vented multiple batteries, what is the diameter of the hose to the outside? Most Vent kits I'm looking at have a 2" hose. So my plan would be to join the two or four battery hoses with tee adapters and send them to a single 2" vent to the outside.
    Battery Vent.JPG

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    AGM batteries concern when venting is not with the gas as there is not enough to worry about. The issue is the spewing electrolyte ejected from the valves in which you want to contain with Spill Management.

    The reason the GC2 battery box has a vent, is because GC2 batteries are typically Flooded Lead Acid aka Wet batteries.
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