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Are You Killing Your Batteries Part 2.

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    Electronics is not an easy subject to grasp. The dummies book is pretty comprehensive. And then real life never matches the textbook examples. And when you do figure out a shopping list, the local shop does not carry that model, so you have to go to the internet and hope they don't ship a brick in a box.

    You can use your existing panels, but you have to put 2 in series for about 100V, and then use an expensive charge controller like I mentioned that has a 150V input.
    Or you can change the panels to either lower voltage in the 35V Voc range, and use 2 in series with your existing controller. Or select a panel in the 80V Voc range and use your existing controllers.
    Either way, more than 2 strings in parallel, requires a OCP device in a combiner box

    Powerfab top of pole PV mount (2) | Listeroid 6/1 w/st5 gen head | XW6048 inverter/chgr | Iota 48V/15A charger | Morningstar 60A MPPT | 48V, 800A NiFe Battery (in series)| 15, Evergreen 205w "12V" PV array on pole | Midnight ePanel | Grundfos 10 SO5-9 with 3 wire Franklin Electric motor (1/2hp 240V 1ph ) on a timer for 3 hr noontime run - Runs off PV ||
    || Midnight Classic 200 | 10, Evergreen 200w in a 160VOC array ||
    || VEC1093 12V Charger | Maha C401 aa/aaa Charger | SureSine | Sunsaver MPPT 15A