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3rd party lithium batteries with victron multiplus

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  • 3rd party lithium batteries with victron multiplus

    Just looking for someone that had had experience with using non victron lifepo4 batteries on a multi or quattro?

    I am using the Hub 1 assistant without a lynx-ion BMS. Just using the BMV-700 to signal the multi on a low voltage event. and the charger takes care of everything else

    I have the BMV relay directly connected to the temp sense input (configured accordingly in assistants software) to trigger on a low voltage.

    I cant really figure out why i need to trigger the multi on a "battery full" event and what it actually does, on the aux I/O.

    Has anyone rigged up something similar? i would love to hear what you have implemented and your successes.

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    On the aux I think is the gen start and on full batt is a load divert( opportunity load ) to use exces power once the bank's full . Are you using Hub 1 grid tied ?
    If you're not using the links ion how do you manage cell monitoring? Are you just relying on the charger? Do you run a control panel where all the comms connect and communicate to each other?


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      Hi Raul

      The Aux and temp sense are both configurable in ve.config. Either can act as "battery full" or "battery empty" in which case it will switch to grid and charge the battery until the low voltage relay is cleared on the BMV.
      So yes it is a hub 1 grid tied. For cell balancing I am using a active balancing device (not shunt) to keep the cells balanced. Also have a 8 cell voltage monitor to check individual cell voltage. its been running without a glitch thus far. So it all connects to a screen in the house via CAN network to give all system information.