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Kweight Batteries - looking for feedback

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  • Kweight Batteries - looking for feedback

    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of setting up some small scale solar in preperation for moving out to our off-grid rural property..

    We're trying to keep our budget as tight as possible and I've just been presented with the opportunity to buy some Kweight deep cycle batteries for what seems like a ridiculously low price (Aus $120 for 12v 210ah, new/unused).. I tend to be wary of offers that seem too good to be true so was wondering if anyone had had any experience with this brand as I'm not familiar and neither are the guys who I usually get advice from.

    So please, if anyone has or is using these batteries and has any info, feedback, known issues etc etc they could share it would be most appreciated!


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    Never touched the stuff, I stopped drinking Kool-Aid 25 years ago.

    No one is going to answer your question. What does that tell you?
    MSEE, PE


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      Never heard of the brand
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        I'm a bit confused here. I googled the batteries in question and the mfg. appears to be legit. They offer a large selection of many types of batteries. Is the lack of replies just because nobody has used them?
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          Like I said I quit drinking 25 years ago, never touched the stuff.

          No one is going to answer your question. What does that tell you?

          Answer: No one has ever heard of them before.
          MSEE, PE


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            Howdy guys, we are running an experiment at my brothers house with a large bank of 2V 1000 amp hour batteries with 30kW of solar in a grid connected hybrid system. Reason being they are cheap and if the work out we will offer them to our customers. They are a legit company and we have had no issues with the batteries as yet but they have only been operational for about 18 months I think, too early to tell, the jury is still out. I know that probably dont help to much except for they are a legitimate Chi Com company, cheers