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The Max Smoke charging model

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    Oops forgot about this.

    I am using a star wiring system, equal length wires to each pair of batteries. Ampmeter in each negative line.

    I swapped a set of lines from one of the "equal" batteries to another pair, but the new pair showed the same increase in current, so its definitely 1 set of two batteries doing this.

    It was 2, but the second set sorted it out, so i have 3 sets of 2 doing perfectly, but this one set both provides more current, and also takes more when charging.

    During rest, there is no current sharing going between the batteries.

    I really dont know whats going on, but they haven't even been conditioned properly yet, and as 1 set came good, i think the last set will too after a bit more cycling. They are only being used to around 15 percent DoD at the moment, but i just got my second MPPT charger, and now can push over 80 amps into the bank, so i will start using it a bit harder now.