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1200w induction stove off 170Ah bank possible?

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    Originally posted by sdbuck View Post
    Vehicle is a 1997 VW Rialta, it's a motorhome. Comes from the factory with a 150A alternator that charges both the starter battery and the house batteries. So, there are 3 batteries total: 1 that runs the car, and 2 AGM that total 170Ah at 12V.

    The alternator runs to a solenoid that let's me start the car or charge the car battery from my house batteries (AGMs) if the car battery dies.

    The wires all appear to be 0awg - pretty heavy duty stuff. But if I remember correctly, I don't think I was able to charge my batteries from dead to full in a half hour of driving, nor do I recall idling really charging the batteries.

    Guess I'll have to do more investigation.
    Gotcha, I was thinking it was a travel trailer that you towed with another vehicle. You should be in good shape with those big wires.
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