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  • MPPT w/ No Battery

    I have a 70W folding solar charger which has an unregulated DC output. I would like to be able to connect this to a device which will force the output voltage to be a constant value (such as 12V) and whatever current that yeilds the maximum power-point of the solar panel.

    A MPPT charge controller is similar to what I am looking for. However, all the charge controllers I know of require a battery be connected for it to work. It shuts off when the battery voltage is high enough to be considered fully charged and won't output power at all unless it reads a certain minimum voltage across the battery terminals. I want to bypass this limitation.

    Does anyone know of any device I can use towards this end?

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    That basically is a linear current booster often used for remote pumping without a battery. A common buck converter will work if the panel is not heavily loaded. Too much load and panel voltage and power goes into a death spiral. I'm using a couple right now that are modified. When panel drops below a fixed voltage it fakes the converter into thinking the output voltage is too high. Lower voltage can work for a load like a fan. What is your load? Don't know of any commercial ones that you don't pay thru the nose for as it tends to be a specialty item.