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Transfer Switch or Seperate A/C Outlets

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    Originally posted by littleharbor View Post
    Out of curiosity What old jeep(s) do you have?
    This 73' CJ-5 was my daily driver on Catalina Island for over 20 years before retiring it to the beaches and deserts of Baja. Salta Verde 108_edited.JPG
    I currently have a 92' YJ and a 05' TJ. Too much money thrown at them but I'll just say they've got lockers, and are well built. We did the jeep club gig for a few years but are put off with loud music, bright lights, and disrespect from the younger generations. So we quit the club thing.
    I'm the crotchety old fart telling the kids to turn down that music. We go to the desert for peace and to get away from hooligans. Lol
    We now usually just take our Rzr SXS and go out on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowd and the youngsters.
    I'd like to have a 40 something Willys, but can't find the time or room to restore one.


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      yes, agreed, as our own motorcoach operates exactly that way - seemless from generator, shore power, or inverter. The transfer switch takes care of whether Shore or Generator power gets to the Main Panel, and the Inverter's own internal transfer switch senses 120v power from the Gen or Shore power, passing that thru to the 'sub-panel' of outlets that serve the Fridge, Microwave, and all general outlets. When the Gen or Shore power is lost, the Inverter immediately takes over, providing 120v power from the batteries to the 'sub-panel' of outlets.

      Now, the only 'drawback' to this, if I can admit, is that when you DO lose shore power, or if your generator trips it's breaker(s), you may not realize it right away, possible drawing down your batteries to the point that after a while you suddenly lose power to everything because your Inverter's LBCO(low battery automatic Inverter cut off) triggers when the levels fall below 11.5 or so.
      I would like to see the ability for the Inverter designer/engineer to provide the customer the ability to program for an AUDIBLE alert when this happens, such as a series of beeps, to allow the owner to know that something has 'happened', and it WILL!

      When a generator's breaker trips, it can leave the owner unaware, as the generator may still be running, but the battery charger is no longer receiving power, and anything 'plugged in' to an outlet will now be powered by the Inverter, which might not be what the owner wants to be happening. Admittedly, though, this normally happens when running the roof air conditioners, where if the breaker trips, the air conditioner suddenly stops. Oh Well.