Hi everyone. This forum have been a huge source of information when I've been outfitting my camper van. I've not asked much questions because everything I was trying to understand was already covered... sometimes even a few times..
But right now I'm facing an "issue" and maybe it's already been covered but I can't find any info that could help, here is my issue..

For the last 2 years or so, I have a solar system composed of a 290W mono solar panel and a Tracer4210 solar charger to give power to my system's 230AH Trojan 8D (AGM). Before last winter I added a Victron BMV 712 battey monitor.
Everything have been working good as far as I checked, but today I've been facing something that catched my attention.

Hit the road yesterday night with the battery at 100% SOC

In the morning when I woke up, the battery monitor was showing a +-90% SOC, which is pretty common after a night powering the fridge and a roof fan, no problem. Didn't checked voltage and Amps though.. or maybe I did but it didn't ring any bell in my head.

Blue sky day, parked in the shade on the side of the parking lot because my dog was in the van, went biking..

Lunch break, noon, the van has been fully exposed to the sun since 11AM, 91% SOC.. I was like "not much charge...", but IIRC the Tracer was showing a 14.4V with +- 9Amps.... 9 amps @ 91% feeled normal. What I noticed is isually when I increase the load (faster fan, lights, charging a camera..) the amps provided by the charger do increase (shown by the Tracker screen) but the battery monitor still shows the same amps (charging amps)... I did the test and it didn't : charger amps didn't change, battery amps lowered... weird... maybe the panel was needing a cleanup I said to myself.. I removed all unnecesary loads, it was just a test..

Mid afternoon (4PM), still blue sky (full sun) The Victron battery monitor says +-92% SOC, which is weird considering the sun exposure I had (but it increased so it's been charging, even not much...) but it also shows -3.7Amps ( +- consumption of my fridge when "cooling"), and 12.75V battery voltage...
Meanwhile, the Tracer indicates 13.6V @ 1Amps, which corresponds to float mode. So the charger sees 100% SOC or so... but when the frdge asks for power the charger doesn't give (accessible) solar power, it stays as there was no load and let the battery give amps.... weird !

So here are my concerns/questions
If the Tracer charger is in float mode at very low amps and 13.6V, with full sun exposure, it means the battery is fully charged, right ?
And considering the full sun exposure, with the battery being full, souldn't the power to "feed" the fridge have been coming form the solar charger directly, and not pulling Amps from the battery as showed by the battery monitor ?
I can get why the Victron monitor would not have shown the real SOC if the last synchronisation was a month old, but it was @100% when I left home (was it wrong at that time ? I don't know...) but I don't understand why the Victron and the Tracer show different voltages, and the amps don't make sense... and why the fridge is pulling energy from the battery while in full-sun exposure...
I would have been expecting the Tracer to show it provided +- 4 Amps (easily achievable with the sun we had) and the Victron showing +0.5 to +1Amp (amps while in float mode)... both showing the same voltage I guess...

Am I missing something ?

on a side note my solar panel seems to max out at +-140W right now... might need to be cleaned a bit.
any way to check full wattage capacity of a panel ? (Will check that on the forum, just asking since it's in my head and I'm already writing...)

Thanks for any help !