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Zero volts from a flexipanel...

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  • Zero volts from a flexipanel...

    Hi guys,

    Bit stumped by this one. We installed two flexible panels (yes, we would have preferred 'proper' ones but couldn't get the dimensions to work) to the roof of our van. Tested it in situ, reading ~18V as expected. Ran the wiring into the van and down to our controller. Controller reads zero voltage from one of the panels, 18V from the other. Tested the wires back out of the controller, same situation: 18V and 0V. Went back on the roof, tested right in the box - 18V on one, 0V on the other.

    So what's caused this and is it fixable? I've broken a few panels in my time, but never seen zero volts before... Not seeing any voltage at all I was thinking about a broken connection somewhere, but can't see how I could even test this?

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    I have not worked with flexible panels. Can you open the diode box? You might have a broken solder joint. The only thing I can think of that might be fixable. It might also be new defective. Sure, it might have worked when first tested, but even a small amount of movement might have been enough to expose an existing flaw.