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Renogy Rover charge controller only in float mode/low power on panels.

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  • Renogy Rover charge controller only in float mode/low power on panels.

    Hey guys, I've been floating around the forums for a bit reading things here and there. I'm having a bit of an issue though. I finally got batteries for my solar setup on my minibus conversion and got everything hooked up. My issue is that my batteries are only charging 25-28aH per day when there's full sun. Charge controller seems to be always in float mode and the data from the charge controller shows that the maximum output power has been ~150W.

    I've taken both leads from solar panels off and checked the voltage on them, both read around 21V, both had exact same reading.
    I have an excel sheet with data from the CC

    Currently looking at CC in full sun it has 155W 8.61A 18.1V on the array.
    Charge controller is in MPPT State (was in float until I took solar panel leads off to check voltage) WTF is up with this.
    What do you guys think is up? Thanks in advance!

    I have the Renogy Rover Li 40A CC.
    Panels are 2 - 200W monocrystallines mounted to the top of a minibus.
    Batteries are 2 - US Battery 2200 6V 232aH.
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    What is the SOC of your battery bank? If they are full then it won't come out of float until a load introduced.


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      When I take it off the panels it's like 70% and like 12.4V. So I know it's not charged. And I feel like my panel output should be way higher. Like I would expect at least 350W


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        I also have issues with the renogy 40a charge controller. Mine is a little different... I can't get mine to go into float mode. It goes from MPPT (bulk), into boost and will stay in boost forever. I even changed the boost duration to 0 minutes in the software and it still goes into boost. Boost current is all the way down to 0.02 amps and still stays in boost. I also noticed the charge controller voltage reading is 0.3 volts off from my accurate volt meter. I'm sending the controller back and just ordered a Victron. My 20a Renogy Rover I had no issues with. May be a bad controller.


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          I have a similar issue with my 60a charge controller. It reads inaccurate voltage, which consequently throws everything else off. Tech support was responsive but no help. They said mail it back for them to look at; a crucial component to my only source of electricity. I will be buying a different brand of controller before I mail it back.

          My total array should be outputting 4,480 watts into (12) 190ah batteries, but typically don’t see anything above 400, or roughly ~ 10%. Usual output is 1-10%. This controller doesn’t know up from down. Voltage to batteries is all over the place, I’ve even watched it spike upwards of 17 volts before disconnecting the damn thing. Nice work on damaging my $10k battery bank.

          Renogy is garbage.


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            Go with a Midnite charge controller such as the Classic SL150 and don't look back. Best investment I have had and I started off with Renogy's 40A myself.
            1.2 kWh solar 10.56 kWh battery @ 24v in a RV