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48 Volt golf cart long term storage

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  • 48 Volt golf cart long term storage

    Hello, I am trying to find out my options for my mother's golf cart. In the winter it is parked outside, and used to go to the grocery store a couple times a week. Not very much use. In the summer it is parked in a small garage, the problem is the power is turned off for the season. What I would like to do is put a panel on the roof of the cart, and maybe another one on the roof of the shed for long term storage. I find that every season my batteries are almost drained from sitting so long. I usually disconnect them (after fully charging them) and walk away. I'm not sure if I'm even going down the right path with my thinking here and would appreciate any input on this. If I am, would anyone know of a kit I could purchase or help me with what and where to buy?
    Thank you all for any help.

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    It is important for the life of any flooded lead acid (FLA) battery to keep it charged fully whenever possible. Sitting for a long time at low charge levels can irreversibly damage the battery, shortening its useful life.
    If you cannot connect an AC powered trickle charger for the period it is not in use, a solar panel or two and an appropriate charge controller could be a very good thing. It will not help noticeably to replace AC charging when the cart is in use.
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      Remember to charge a 48V battery you will probably need more than one solar panel to get > 55Volts.


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        Thank you, I think all I am looking for is a solar tricke charger. Any suggestions where I can buy a kit or a company I can contact.


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          For solar, the PS-15M-48V-PG may be the easiest 48V solar charger you can get. Most are only 12/24V very few 48V models
          15A is a bit overkill but, it's 48V
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