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Failed camper DC converter and options going forward.

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  • Failed camper DC converter and options going forward.

    This isn't exactly a 100% on topic question, but I've searched high and low on the internet and can't find an answer.

    The power converter in my camper has died. It intermittently turns on and off and I can't find a loose connection or a bad solder on it anywhere.

    Unfortunately, the cheapest replacement is over 200 dollars, for what I can only determine is a 13.5v DC power supply and perhaps some charging logic built in (which is a big maybe, as there's only one positive and one negative terminal for the entire DC system in the trailer.)

    I've seen cheap DC supplies on Amazon that should be high enough current for my needs. Can I power a solar charge controller off of one of these guys to keep my battery charged?


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    Solar charge controllers should only be run from solar panels. Using a power supply will not always work well (burn up the supply or controller !)

    Do you simply want to keep the house battery charged, or do you have solar panels ?
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      For the time being, all I need it for is to keep the house battery charged for when I'm not plugged into shore power. Right now I'm just using a group 27 flooded car battery, which the thought of I'm sure would make most of you puke; but in all essence it's only for standby power, most of which is running the fridge in transit.

      I like the idea of adding solar equipment in the future, however.