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Newbie in search of help for rv solar charger

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  • Newbie in search of help for rv solar charger

    I have 2 polycrystalline 80watt solar panels both are 17.9 volt and 4.5 amp. Then I have 1 polycrystalline 50watt solar panel that is 3.1 amp 16.9 volt I am wondering if I can hook these together to keep my batteries charged while out camping. If I am able to hook together what is the best way. Parrellel or series. Also what kind of charge controle should I buy and how many Amos should charge controle be.

    My trailer runs on 2 1000 amp deep cycle batteries and I use 18 to 20 amps a day. Would this arrangement be enough power to keep batteries charged. I understand that the amount of sun a day is a huge factor but could this work?
    Thanks in advance
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    Looks like the glitch is still there. Welcome to the forum Chad80. Try typing the opening post again and make sure to copy it so that you can still have it if this happens again.
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