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  • Dynoraxx

    Good morning guys !

    Someone here with experience with dynoraxx evolution fr for flat roof ?

    Im a mechanical student and im doing some project at school with some solar panels. The project required an extensive analysis criteria. Dynoraxx provide a manual with some Code compilation guide equations and information but they do not show some specific dimensions for the leg basket and rails.

    Any ideas or some help ? Thanks

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    Just be VERY careful of ballasted systems, particularly on flat roofs. The big and usually overlooked consideration is the added and often/probably substantial dead load that the ballast adds to a roof, particularly a flat roof that in all probability was not designed with that added load in mind.

    One other often overlooked point is that the ballast/panel system will most likely require anchorage which may require roof penetrations which will defeat the usual reason for going to a ballasted system in the first place - avoiding roof penetrations.

    I know - ballasted systems look simple and are thus appealing. But be aware that ballasted systems impose other considerations which are mostly structural, and those considerations are not trivial, and those considerations cannot be ignored in a safe and professionally done design.

    As for Dynoraxx other offerings, they look a little flimsy and not well thought out to me. Root around on the net. There are better racking alternatives available.

    If you're a student, start out on the right (safe, with a professional attitude) approach. That approach will serve you well now and in the future - better than you may know at this time.

    Good luck. Welcome to engineering.
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