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Question about building an 18650 Li-ion battery bank - how many mAH is required ?

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    Originally posted by Gerard Fivewin View Post
    I mean, you guys are worried about using li-ion batteries whether its factory made or DIY.
    Is this also a bomb, wow look how they make powerbanks in a factory. Picture, screenprint from this vid
    I think you're mixing up research and everyday use. When I do 'research' I can forego a lot of rules since I [I]usually [/I]know what I'm doing but when it comes to everyday use different rules kick in as I won't be sitting next to the huge battery with fire extinguisher in hands (and several spare ones next to me) waiting for several years the moment it decides to flip into thermal runaway. Designing for everyday use is very different exercise from research. Unfortunately Youtube videos don't make this distinction creating completely wrong and dangerous assumption that if something worked in 'research' it can be used 'as is' or even worse- scaled up and then used every day. How many of those videos show what happens when their creations go up in flames? Usually they simply lack money to test for those cases and imply this will never happen. Commercial grade systems are expected to account for that.