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Small order source of flexible frontsheets?

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  • Small order source of flexible frontsheets?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of any small order sources of flexible frontsheet films?

    I'm trying to make some small lightweight solar panels for backpacking (much lighter than the flexible Chinese panels available), discussed in this thread:

    Some possible frontsheets films that exist (from online research):
    DuPont Teflon ETFE
    DuPont Teflon FEP
    DuPont Tedlar Clear
    Saint-Gobain FluoroSol FT
    Saint-Gobain FluoroSol FP
    3M Ultra Barrier Solar Film 510-Fh
    Amcor Rayotec
    Amcor Ceramis
    DuPont Teijin Teonex
    DuPont Teijin Melinex
    Evonik Flexoskint
    AGC Fluon ETFE
    Vitriflex Ultra Barrier
    Corning Willow Glass

    I haven't found any online sources for any of them yet - I may have to start calling distributors/manufacturers themselves to see if any would sell me a small quantity for prototyping.