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Expandable kit to start off with to use in the event of a hurricane.

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  • Expandable kit to start off with to use in the event of a hurricane.

    I live in south MS about forty miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. I like the idea so solar but currently we are renting with the option to buy and we have not decided whether we want to stay in the area or not. I would like to have something I can run my 5 cubic foot freezer and a small under the counter refrigerator with, maybe a couple of fans and be able to charge lap tops off of in case of a hurricane. I can use a generator for backup but with all the free rays why go stand in line for gas in the heat and get ripped off on the price? I am thinking a kit might be great for this but I would like something I could expand on latter if I wanted. Because of renting I would not want anything grid tied. I am thinking about setting the panels up in the back yard (faces south) & I also have a huge laundry room on the south side of the house that I could store the panels in to protect from a storm coming in. I could use them to run my freezer, washer and sewing machine off of normally. The dryer, I realize would probably have to stay on incoming power. Since I am renting I doubt if I can get tax credits on this. Good idea or bad idea?

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    Hello NItalynn and welcome to Solar Panel Talk

    Depending on the actual watt hour usage of your equipment you will probably be spending a lot more money then you think

    A basic solar/ battery system will cost about $2000 for each kWh it can delivery. That is 1000 watt hours or about a load of 40 watts for 24 hours.

    A system that can power a couple of refrigerators, charge laptops and run some fans will probably consume about 3000 watt hours per day. That will cost you somewhere between $5000 and $6000.

    While a 2000 watt inverter style generator is about $1000 plus fuel.

    Do you still think you want to go with a solar / battery system for emergency power?


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      Buy a generator. As Sun Eagle said you cannot afford what you want.
      MSEE, PE


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        The other part of the equation is that the hurricane may be over, but you might be facing a week or more bad weather to follow with very little to no sun!

        Imagine how frustrating that would be to have a kit and not be able to recharge it. Just something to think about.