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Can you use two 48V charge controllers to charge 96V battery pack?

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  • Can you use two 48V charge controllers to charge 96V battery pack?

    I have an older inverter system with a 96V battery pack. Is it a bad idea to hook the two 48V charge controllers over half of the battery pack respectively?
    I believe the drawing will explain better.

    I have all of the equipment already - so I would rather not go out and buy an expensive 96V charge controller.
    The inverter also charges the batteries when the AC load is live, however, I would prefer it if the charging of the batteries is done predominantly by the PV system as to reduce AC usage. image_2019_12_15T20_27_40_096Z.png

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    I am sure that someone smarter than I am will come along with a better answer. In the meantime I will give it a shot.

    To start with, systems operating above 48v have different code and safety concerns.

    I would suspect that if the charge controllers worked at all that the two halves of the bank won't receive equal state of charge. Possibly with one side chronically undercharged.

    Good luck.


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      Each MPPT controller MUST have it's own PV array, if they share an array, they will both be fighting and trying to sweep for the proper MPPT point,

      Additionally, both PV's arrays and charge controllers must be "Isolated" without having the - or the + lead grounded. if anything in the PV/Controller circuit is grounded, you will short something through the ground. When you run a un-grounded system, it can work, but the usual safeties won't. This makes it very dangerous.

      You need a knowledgeable person on site to guide you through this.
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