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  • Pump advice pleas

    I have a 150m coil of 20mm pipe...on top of my garage roof in Portugal
    I can pump water through it from either the top or the bottom of my small(16 ft X 11 ft X 1.1m deep) pool. But I am using my main 0.8 hp pool pump to do this. Can I use a smaller pump and build it onto the supply side of my heating pipe system on a separate timer switch?
    It will have to lift approx 3m height.
    Can anyone recommend a suitable pump / layout?
    My thanks in advance.
    W Roberts

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    You're ignorance is hurting you.

    If you are doing this for the fun/educational experience, before you do that or anything else, read up on solar pool heating. If you do, you'll learn and come to understand that to be effective, a solar pool heater usually needs to have an area ~ 1/2 - 2/3 +/- some or so as large as the surface area of the pool to be effective. If, after your self education, you choose to continue with the same mindset, at least you'll know more. Then, before you proceed, and if heating the pool is a bigger priority than learning about active solar pool heating technology, know that a pool cover may well do as much to passively heat the pool and also prevent heat loss and so maybe eliminate the need for the active pool heating or at least reduce the collector size for a whole lot less money.

    Some particulars:

    The tubing you describe has an effective area of ~ 3 m^2. The pool surface is ~ 16.4 m^2.

    3/16.4 = 0.18. At the rate of 20 m^2 of heating area per 100 m of 20mm piping/tubing, you have a ways to go to and a lot of tubing to add before you get close to the likely/required effective solar pool heating area.

    Either buy ~ 800 m of additional piping/tubing and a pump, and hope all works well, or buy 2 pool heating panels of ~ 3.7m^2 ea., plumb them into the existing pump circuit and see how it goes.

    Add a third panel to extend the swimming season and/or if you want warmer water. Better, cheaper, faster, cleaner install.

    Made for purpose pool heating panels have been around for a long time and a simple and well developed technology. After all the farting around you'll be doing, going that way will most likely be a less expensive and more fit for purpose way to do it than what you describe and have in mind.

    Not a plug, but Fafco makes a decent product. There are others.

    Solar pool heaters abound. Google is your friend, both for education on solar pool heating and available products.

    Good luck.