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  • Experimenting with different cells

    Hello everyone, I have a knack for learning about things and making them work, or make them better, we have a monopoly with electricity, basically they country has given complete power to the only one electricity company, and I don't not really trust them for they want me to get permission from two places (company and country) and then pay taxes on a system that probably wont even put out ten watts. What i'm planning is to test different types of cells and find out which cell is best suited for the harsh heat of the middle east, along with this i have developed a basic cooling system that hopefully will draw the heat away from my test panels. if i can figure out a way to store power while taking as little as possible of the main grid, it would be an accomplishment, because of the close proximity of residential buildings around me, I wont be able to test different energy storage units. I was reading an article on how the researchers in australia have figured out what wavelength to make their cells work at and it works better than anything else. I would love to talk more to like minded people to figure out a way to crush this stigma of "solar cant power anything."

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    What do you know about heat transfer principles and heat transfer systems that will help you come up with a workable way to reduce cell temps. ?

    Have you researched what others have done before you ?

    The devil is in the details. Usually and so far, and in spite of what are mostly unverified claims to the contrary, safe, practical, effective, workable, viable and cost effective cooling systems for PV have so far eluded those who have been looking.

    Seems to me that the more knowledgeable the researchers, the less optimistic they are about PV cooling systems.

    Suit yourself, but I'd suggest more efforts be put to finding/developing PV that can withstand the rigors of high temp. while maintaining efficiency.

    Turning a PV panel into a heat exchanger is about as easy and practical as turning an automobile into a submarine.

    Solar energy can be useful for many things, but like all else, and like the converse of "solar cant (sic) power anything", it's equally true that solar energy cannot power everything. Like most everything else, there are limits.

    Since it's easier to disprove an untruth, prove what PV can do by starting with the negative premise and proving it wrong. Some folks will never believe your results, but make allowance for their doubting too. They may know something(s) you do not (yet) know.

    I encourage your efforts. But, take a deep breath and look at the situation with a clear eye and technical background combined with practical experience. You'll burn less rubber spinning your wheels, and probably generate less friction along the way.

    Welcome to the forum of few(er) illusions.
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      Welcome to the forum of few(er) illusions.
      This line says so much, in so few words. Love it every time I see it.
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        Originally posted by Mike90250 View Post

        This line says so much, in so few words. Love it every time I see it.
        If you like our service, tell your friends.

        Maybe suggest Solar Pete put it on the forum masthead.


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          I am building a solar air collector to heat my garage. The plan is to build the frame (box) to 32