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Can I repair a gouge?

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  • Can I repair a gouge?

    Sorry if this belongs somewhere else. My neighbor gave me a couple of solar panels. It looks like the corner of one frame dug into the underside of the other panel. It left a 2 inch long scratch and gouged out a small plug about 1/4" sq. Looks like steel wool but I guess it's silicon. The glass didn't break. It didn't cut across any of the big silver lines.

    I wanted to get some info before I test it's output. Can the damage short out the panel? Can it function as it is? Can it easily be repaired? I pointed a flashlight at the back when I took the photo of the front. Thanks.
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    You could clean and scuff up the backsheet around the damage and use a quality sealant like a 3M 5200. This should keep moisture intrusion from wrecking the cell. Provided the panels output is still what it should be, you should be able to use it for non critical use. Keep an eye on it as time goes on. You might get many years of use out of it.
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      Ok. Do they carry that at Lowe's or should I go to a boating supply? I appreciate the advice.


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        Lowes would have it.Look in the caulking section. That's where it is in Home Depot. It comes in a toothpaste type tube as well as larger containers. It's not cheap and may be prone to going off in the tube if not sealed well.
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          I would call that panel damaged, and have it replaced. Once the backing sheet is breached, most sealants are NOT able to provide a water vapor seal. Moisture will eventually get in. If the backsheet was damaged, I'd also assume the brittle silicon was damaged too, you just can't see it, but the problem will likely show in the first year
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            Originally posted by SixthWheel View Post
            Ok. Do they carry that at Lowe's or should I go to a boating supply? I appreciate the advice.
            Beware of air curing silicone sealers if you cannot exactly what was recommended (a polyurethane sealant). The kind that gives off a vinegar (acetic acid) smell as it cures should never be used for electronic repairs as the vapor from curing is corrosive.
            Acetone curing silicon is harder to find but does not have this problem.
            You can easily find the 3M product on the internet if no nearby store carries it.
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