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  • HELP, for mini projet

    I am working on a school related competition. We have to build a solar powered car using live energy thus no batteries are aloud. we have to use a given standard small motor and about three or four of 0.4W each for a maximum total of 1.6W. I was wondering how i can achieve more power form the same panels. For example i know there's such thing as the new film that you apply over the panel to give you more results... The car has to be fast too so i cant put too much weight on but some is acceptable.

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    How much experience and money do you have?


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      The "magic power film" does not really exist yet.

      You need to locate a motor that matches the power from the cell, and that will get your best speed.

      Each cell you get produces 0.55V and the larger it is, the more amps it puts out. If you only get a single cell, you will need a 0.55V motor that matches the amps.
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