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3 x 100 watt 12v panel... I want too hook up ... ideas

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  • 3 x 100 watt 12v panel... I want too hook up ... ideas

    I don't know if this is crazy but i want to put 2 side exhaust fans in the attic. I figure id face the panels south west. so the fans stay on moving air until its night at which time the attic should stay cool. i can hook this up to a duct that splits to 4 tubes throughout the attic to one exhaust tube .

    can the 1 panel be too strong for this fan? i want to buy 3 fans for my 3 panels.

    id really like to use this but i dont really understand the dc to ac conversion and what else i would need.

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    Specs list the fan at 4.3 amps. A 100 w 12v panel should be 6 amps or slightly yes so that id OK. The panels will only produce the amperage required by the load. I usually shot for the panel having an amperage rating of 1.5 times the load to extend out the hours it will operate when running solar direct. Your a little under that.

    The main question is can the fan handle the voltage range of the panel. While the fan is listed as nominal 12vdc the panel can produce 18 volts. That I can't say.

    I do run an automotive radiator fan off a 100w panel in my attic. It's wired solar direct with a snap switch to act as a temperature controlled on/off switch. Panel faces west at 45 degrees. That allows it to run from about noon tell sunset if the attic is over 85F.

    For the other fan, since it's a 120vac unit you will need batteries, charge controller and inverter to make it work.



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      love the radiator fan idea

      i found this

      how does the conversion work.
      i have 3 of these panels.

      im a solar noob. read a bunch of stuff online still dont understand the conversion.


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        Hello new to the forum and I know I'm grave digging. I'm looking to start my first solar project with 2 car radiator fans and 2 100w ronolgy panels. The fans pull 8 amps. I was reading this post and noticed people are having luck with direct wiring without the use of a battery or pen controller. Try not to flame me to hard. Thank you.


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          Welcome to the forum, I have a pair of 12 volt, 80 watt, radiator fans direct connected to a 65 watt panel for exhausting the heat from my garage. You may find the 100 watt panel will run a single fan at an incredibly high speed. I ended up parallel wiring two fans to the single panel to control the speed. Works well for my needs. 3 1/2 years now and still running strong.
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            Thanks for the reply. Your saying your running 2 fans on a single panel. Others have told me the 2 100w panels would not be able to keep the 2 fans moving. Do you think the batteries and controller is unnecessary?


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              In my situation I had to use two fans, which regulated the fan speed. You will find out when you connect a single fan if it will spin out of control or not. My guess is that it will. Try connecting both and see if the speed is more reasonable. Like I said 3 1/2 years they are still running. At the speed the single fan was running I don't think it would have lasted through thee day. As far as a battery and controller go then you would need a means of turning on/off the fan, more complex more $$, more to go wrong. My fans run fastest when the sun is highest in the sky, slower in the morning and afternoon. I may have just gotten real lucky with the combination I ended up using but I must say it works pretty flawlessly.
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                I think I'm gonna go the same route but with a 100w panel and hook the fans in paralle they pull a little over 8a at 13.5 volts so I think the bigger panel should be fine. Thanks for the info. I will post the completed setup in a week or so.
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                  Looking forward to hearing your results. For a bench test, your panel laying flat at midday should yield good results.
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