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What can i build with these cells?

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  • What can i build with these cells?

    i worked out 25x2 = 50volts
    100mah x 25 = 2.5amps
    so it should give me 125 watts. about 5 watts a cell.
    is this right?
    also how would i set up a 12volt batter with them?
    and how do i work out how many diodes do i need?
    125w for 25 cells dont seem right.

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    Are you sure you didn't read the specs wrong? If you are right about the ratingings you would get about 5 watts. Even for 25 cells that seems kinda low. What are the dimensions of your cells? 3x6, 6x6? and What are they rated again?

    Also If you connect the cells in series that will multiply your volts and your amps stay the same. If you connect the cells in parallel then it multiplies your amps and your volt stay the same. You could do a combination of the two but remember no matter how you wire them the watts is cumulative and will be the same parallel or series.


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      link thats the link i think i done it all wrong :S i wanted something local but its cheaper just to get them from the US so im goin to get these i want to make a 60watt panel so i need to use 36 of them i guess, also wot would be the best way to wire them, and if i wanted to could i build another one and stick them together to have a 120watt panel?


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        Ok, those cells are about 2.25 inches x 2.25. It would be a lot of work to make a panle out of and you would find it rather frustrating considering how very fragil they are. You might be able to power a SMALL hand held radio with a panel made up of about 50- 75 of them.

        You would be much better off getting cells a bit bigger. I got some good ones from a guy In Indiana. I think he's still selling some now. Mine are 6x6 inches. And they produce 4.8 watts a piece @ .6 volts and 8 amps. That could produce somthing worth the trouble.

        Larger cells = less soldering= less frustration.


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          not using them any more :S yea once i looked it up some more i found theres really no point, i link in the post the new one but u must of missed them.. im getting 46 to start with and there 3x6in so a bit bigger, lol the spec is
          Average Power (Watts): ~1.7 Wp
          Average Current (Amps): 3.5 Imax
          Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax
          but 4.8watts sounds better im goin to see if i can find them, coz if mine where 6x6 they would be 3.2 sooo 1.6 for the same size is a lot better.


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            The 3x6 cells could be put together to give you 80.5 watts. Thats .5 x 3.5= 1.75 watts x 46 = 80.5 watts. This can be soldered together a few different ways to give you more amps, or more volts, or combination. which ever you prefer.


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              moving thread to the DIY Solar Discussion forum


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                i read somewhere that volt or amps dont like temperature cant remeber witch so wot do u think would be best? more amps or volts...
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                  I wouldn't let temperature be the determining factor behind your decision to build a panel for more amps or more volts. It would depend on what kind of charge controller you get and how many more panels you will hook up to it. I also would not be able to help you decide a charge controller as I have to admit I'm not an expert( at least not yet) but I will answer questions that I am sure of.

                  If you plan on a small system ( like putting 3, 200 watt panels together) I could help you understand that much but much bigger than that, you'd have to ask the experts, for your safety.


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                    I could help design a panel though. That would be easy.

                    Oh and tempurature does make a difference. As the temp rises a panel will produce less volts. Also electricity does not like hot temps. it cause more resistance (ohms). The colder the better. Oh but batteries don't like the cold, the colder they get the less charge they hold. read as much as you can on the Arizona wind and sun web page.