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Connecting panels of different wattages

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  • Connecting panels of different wattages


    I would just like to know if there is any reason why you should not connect solar panels of different wattages and I have heard it is not a good idea.

    any thoughts on this??

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    Wattage does not matter.

    What must be matched:

    Panels in parallel, Voltage must match
    Panels in series, Amps must match

    give or take 10% or so.

    Parallel panels, will limit to the Lowest Voltage panel, so attaching a 200W 40V panel, in parallel to a 50W 18V panel, you will only harvest 140W at 18V, wasting half the capability of the 200w panel.

    Series, the lowest amp panel, will limit the total amps of the entire string.

    Hope this helps
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