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Tabbing question, lenght of solder

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  • Tabbing question, lenght of solder

    Ok, I've gotten my 6x6 cells and they are not tabbed.
    Looking at the front side, the conducting area where you solder the tabbing wire appears to be continuous.

    In the videos I've seen, they solder the tabbing wire the full length of that conductor. In this case that would be two 6 inch strips.

    My question is, why solder the full 6 inches?
    If those bars on the front of the cells is continuous, why couldn't you just solder a 1/2 inch of tabbing wire to it while leaving enough wire to reach the 6 solder points on the back of the next cell?

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    The plated metal on the front of the cell, is very thin, and has high resistance. The inner core of the tab metal, is copper, which is very conductive. The trick is to solder it to the metal plateing on the cell, but not cast a shadow on the cell, shadows are lost power.
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      Thx Mike