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heating with solar air collected by transparent glazing of the roof

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    to Mike,
    "I wish you luck in your endeavors, while warning of the dangers you are not seeing."

    Thanks for the "luck-wish". Same to you!
    Always, the still-standing of the fans and/or not ventilation of the solar attic would have to be avoided: Continuous ventilation either by the fans or natural draft to prevent overheating is a must. I think I wrote quite a bit about it, also that a steel construction is preferable. I'll change it right now to implicate the/your point of auto-ignition.
    What are the other dangers I'm "not seeing"?


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      Originally posted by erbstef View Post
      Hi J.P.M. and others,
      "You write that you are an engineer. What discipline ? What design experience ? How long have you been a working engineer. Are you certified/licensed ?"
      Why don't you want to know nothing about my sex-life?

      Please look on the website under "About". If there are still doubts, you can ask in the Fachhochschule München, Lothstr. 34, if I actually studied there and even got the title.
      In my humble opinion, the titles don't value as much as real knowledge and still more capacity, which of course I always try to improve. Actually, we were taught also absolute nonsense, which I had to find out later.

      " A lot of what you've written has been tried and done by others and found lacking."

      It's the system altogether, which I haven't seen or heard of anywhere.
      Take you time to read and digest it. It took me an incredible time to put it together in a way that it is easily understandable for anyone. It's all based on physics, calculations,...

      I'm sorry for the Americans who would have difficulties to understand the international system of units.
      On the other hand I don't understand Fahrenheit, etc.

      At least it seems we agree somewhat on the worth of educational credentials alone.

      I don't put as much stock in formal education as I do the ability to think critically and use that to acquire knowledge by study - some of it formally - and then test what I think I've learned by actually doing and creating something and then iterating the whole process.

      That you write of not having seen or heard much of what you write about appearing elsewhere leads me to believe you haven't read, studied or seen enough yet, or at least as much as a lot of folks such as some of the folks around here who are mostly telling you all this is well trodden ground. If you want some examples of what you may have missed, maybe I should send you photos of my bookshelves. A lot of the volumes sitting there are 40-50 years old. Looks to me like you're reinventing the wheel without knowing it because you don't seem to know a lot of what has already been done. Believe me, a lot of what you write is old hat.

      As far as all what you present as all being based on Physics, well, in the end most of what's commonly called science is all based on what we generally agree is Physics.

      I'm also sorry you think some or maybe a lot of what you were taught was absolute nonsense. I know a lot of engineers who also claim similar for their formal engineering education. For what it's worth, I often found the level and quality of the instruction often lacking more than the material's relavence. Also, and on a personal note, when I'd interview engineers for employment, I observed those interviewees who claimed that most of what they learned in school was useless seemed to be less proficient than what I was looking to hire. Just sayin'.

      By the way, while I might agree that American hubris often shows up in a reluctance to get with the rest of the world on unit systems, I'd also suggest that not all Americans have difficulty using multiple systems of units. I can think and work in both customary and S.I. units with about equal facility in either as can most professional engineers. Can you ?

      Take what you want of the above. Scrap the rest.