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  • Need connectors

    I got a great deal on 20, 350 Watt panels. They came with these connectors. I can not find any model # or identifying name or number on them. Does anyone know what they are called or where I can look to get them? They have a square male connector
    i would hate to have to cut them all off just to replace with MC4s
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    Maybe you can check the panel manufacturer to see if they have those connectors for extension cables.


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      How do you plan on wiring them?. You would not have to cut them all off if you had panels in series strings. MC4 crimp tools are inexpensive on Amazon and Ebay and often include some connectors.
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        My guess, those connectors are for something like optimizers or micro inverters.
        If the leads are long enough, you might use them in a series string as Ampster
        said, only putting MC4s on the string ends. MC4s are cheap and simple, do
        learn to use them for solar. Make sure the wire insulation clamp is weatherproof,
        and some NoOX on the contacts might reduce the chance of future failure.
        Bruce Roe