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  • Fleabay Stackable inverters

    I've been looking at the stackable inverters on ebay, does anyone have any experience with them? I've searched high and low, and can not find a good or bad review of them. They would really serve me well if they are good products, and they can grow with a growing system...

    That is just one that I pulled up for this post... they come in all shapes and sizes, from 12v to 48v input. There is even a 240v 60hz one... is that true 240? two 120's and a neutral? Does not show the info on the diagram that is on the page. Again, I was just seeing if anyone had any info on them.


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    The syntax in that add reeks of Chinese
    USA seller NOT.
    NABCEP certified Technical Sales Professional


    [URL][/URL] (Voltage drop Calculator among others)



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      1) links to ebay are generally a bad idea, because in 6 months, they are broken, and don't work.

      NEW Stackable 2500W Power Inverter 24V DC to 110V AC WATT 5000W
      You can only get 110V out, no 240 without a transformer.
      Output Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave - won't work with a transformer
      and at the bottom of the listing :
      Units stack on the AC side in parallel ONLY but NOT in series.
      120 + 120 in series will NOT work out to be 240 volts output!

      and I really hate inverters with 2 parallel input terminals, as they rarely provide proper internal wiring.
      90% efficient, 2500w will pull about 120 Amps from your 24V battery. 2 wires would need a pair of #4 wires, trying to get 4, #4 wires onto that, will be a mess. (two + and two - )

      The higher wattage inverter, you need higher voltage battery system.
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        Originally posted by Mike90250 View Post
        Units stack on the AC side in parallel ONLY but NOT in series.
        120 + 120 in series will NOT work out to be 240 volts output!
        I knew two 120s wont give me 240, but the advertised 240v models, I wonder if they have two 120 outs and a neutral, or is it 240 on one wire, which I dont know what in the world that could be used for.