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24v bank supplying 12v power to inverter

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    Originally posted by taxer View Post

    So here together is not considered parallel..

    so 2 separate panels/cc/batt banks/ but sharing 12v from each sharing an another scenario... assuming wiring a 12v from a separate system/array (separate panels/inverter/battery bank)

    2 array.jpg2 array.jpg
    That would work but all you are doing is spending money and time to create headaches for yourself. You are back to the same scenario where you are drawing two different loads from batteries connected in series and one battery will become out of balance.

    I can't emphasize enough, that especially in solar, you cannot have batteries in series in a differential draw. This causes problems even in 24V equipment where someone has put an AM single speaker 12V radio for listening to the game. That small amp draw from the radio throws the batteries out of balance and the remaining battery ends up getting boiled over or has a cell that gets nuked early.

    Buy a 24 inverter and be done with it.

    Here is a cheapie unit rated at 2500 watts but probably has 1250 in the real world for $245.00


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      No I hear you, I have the extra equipment and I'm just trying to make use of it.

      I have a few electric golf carts and I know how out of balance batteries can become with 12v accessories attached to them.

      The batteries are good but have had a previous life.

      I appreciate being able to experiment on paper in this forum...
      safer and less costly.

      I still have some ideas and arrays kicking around and i can build on this better.

      i realize a solar array is only as good as its weakest link.

      so any long term solution should be pure sine.

      I will be using them on my other projects., but wow, took the fun out of solar by making it much more $$$$.

      Back to the drawings, still has to be a better solution to use this leftover useable? equipment.

      thanks for the feedback.


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        Trying not to get too ahead of myself, but ideally I would like to use the equipment to keep the 36v carts charged too.

        again do I hook up directly to 24v of the 36v bank? or run the 12v charger from the current bank?(obviously less efficient, but charging is more even..)

        in the great plan of things, I see a huge value / advantage to be able to charge my power and drive it to a remote location on the property and use it through a cart or carry it along side it in a trailer.
        ideally, a 36v cart as a power backup or mobile power unit would be in my sights

        sizing and options for mppt charging and inverter input has to be planned for the long term in this case.

        or just run the noisy generator.



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          what you are describing is a hybrid of my long term goals as mentioned above.

          Its been a while since I played with electrical solutions and Im trying to get the brain muscle memory back.

          I have done many electrical setups mostly standard in many forms, but I have not explored charging banks and discharge banks etc in terms of type of equipment used and its application.

          on the side,

          i remember setting up 2 equalizers in series in that pinto wagon to make it louder.
          souping up the power wheels to double or triple power for the kids - fastest gator that would keep up with the real ones..
          and ordinary house wiring for additions basements etc..

          but limited battery solutions with the the 2 dimensions..

          mobile power you can drive to a remote location - worksite/cabin/or a solar array..

          but 36v is not anywhere near standard, switches. uneven charging, lots of fun.