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LiFePO4 100 mAH battery charged with a 10 Amp charger

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  • LiFePO4 100 mAH battery charged with a 10 Amp charger

    Just bought a 100 mAH LiFePO4 battery and a cheap 10 Amp charger. It charges well up to around 13.5 (charging) voltage. Then the voltage climbs extremely slowly (even drops sometimes). I've disconnected at 14 volts, since it didn't appear it would ever reach the 14.6 volt end point. Does anyone else have a similar experience when charging? Wondering if I should invest in a better charger.

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    Possibly your charger has an electronic voltage cutoff at 14.0V,
    might be adjustable for your battery. Bruce Roe


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      No cutoff. The charger still draws close to 10 amps at 14.0 volts (if its readings are to be believed). It's cheap, so it has no setting other than selecting for Li or other battery type. I know charging the last 10% of a LiFePO4 battery takes longer, but this seems ridiculous. First time using this battery type, so wanted to know if this was typical.