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200 a.h. Pouch cells???

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  • 200 a.h. Pouch cells???

    I have recently acquired a battery backup unit that has some very large pouch cells. At least I assume that they are indeed pouch cells. The unit in question is a Fution Powerwall made by Best Sun New Energy Co, Ltd. of China. It contains 16 ea. Cells wired 16S the unit is rated 10240 w.h. at 51.2 volts. It has a inverter/charger/MPPT charge controller all-in-one unit I have seen many times, though I don’t know just who the manufacturer is. Rated 5kw cont. and 10 kw intermittent (inverter) 70 amp charge controller and I forget charge capability. I do not intend to use any of the electronics as I’m 24 volts and all American so I don’t need any Chinese electronics. I’m only concerned with the battery..... Pictures will tell the story....cells are clamped/encased in plastic frames There are 4 frames with 4 cells in each frame. The cells are 9 1/4 inches by 11 1/4 inches and an inch thick! Biggest pouch cells that I have ever seen. Manufacturers ratings are 200 amp hour. I have never seen such a large pouch cell of any type but the number on the pouch searched on www turns up a much smaller cell maybe 5 by 7 inches rated at 50 amps and for e.v. use. That was found on Alibaba. The unit sells for $3995.00 on Amazon.....NO....I didn’t pay that for was a failed installation due to the fact that it is 230 volts input and output. I can charge the battery and all is well but I have nothing to load test it with. It’s not split-phase. It is Lithium Ferro Phosphate. 200 AMP POUCH CELLS??? It is Chinese so who knows
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    Few more pic,s tells a better tale.....
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