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12v car battery off 12v pump

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  • 12v car battery off 12v pump

    Hello all, new to the forum and needed some help. I am a huge pier fishing enthusiast in Florida. I am interested in running a 12v salt/fresh water pump to pump constant clean water into my live well. The jetty is roughly 12-15 feet up and I am there from 8-12 hours, I have found a pump that would be able to draw water up.

    My problem is I am using a standard car battery and know if I hook it up directly it will be drawn within few hours. My question is, can I setup anything that will draw less amps and still pull water that would prolong the battery usage while fishing or what can I do? Maybe a Switch that allows me to just cycle clean water every hour or so? Any help would be appreciated.

    Here is a pic and specs of the pump:

    Great for pumping out bilge water, saltwater and diesel. Fully submersible, compact and ultra easy to use as it comes with built in 12 feet long waterproof cable with battery clamps on end. Just attach clamps to 12 VDC battery and this pump will pump out at a rate of 280GPH (4.6 gallons a minute.) Requires 4.5Amps and has removable plastic filter cap. Inlet and outlet barbs for ½” hose and can pump up to 32 feet of head with 14PSI if you wish to use it for washdown. Brand new-bulk packaged.

    Thanks in Advance
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    First thing to do is QUIT USING A CAR BATTERY and get a Deep Cycle battery. sized to do the job and all your problems go away. Dig deep in you rpockets and get some back support. The pump requires 4.5 amps and at 12 hours will require a minimum 100 AH 12 volt battery like a Trojan SCS225 a 12 volt, 130 AH, 66 pounds, $160 to $200 AGM battery would be a perfect fit for the job. Don't forget to buy a good 10 amp Marine or RV charger made for AGM batteries.

    Flooded lead acid is less expensive but weighs more and will spill electrolyte if tipped over.
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      Ditto everything SK said. A cranking battery is made to provide a huge amount of power for a few seconds. Not the correct battery for your application.
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