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Thread: Solar Powered Radio

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    Default Solar Powered Radio

    Im trying to rig up a solar powered radio. The info on my radio is 120V 60Hz and 65 Watts. I have a small motorcycle battery I was hoping to use.

    Is it as easy as connecting my radio and the solar panel to the battery?

    What size/rating of a panel will I need? Is there other equipment/hardware I will need?

    I really appreciate any and all help you guys can provide!!

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    you will need the following
    A small solar panel probably without calculating in the 60W range depending on how long you want to run the radio.
    A charge controller to regulate battery charging. 5A PWM should do it
    An inverter Preferrably a pure sine wave with a rated capacity of 100W
    A slightly larger battery somewhere in the 50H range preferrably at least a deep cycle

    So to add all that up
    60W panel $ 200.00
    Charge controller $45.00
    Inverter $ 100.00
    Battery $75.00
    Total $ 420.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonesy View Post
    Im trying to rig up a solar powered radio. The info on my radio is 120V 60Hz and 65 Watts.
    I do not think the radio in question uses 65 watts. It might tif it is a 50 year old tube radio.

    No modern radio consumes more that 5 watts in receive mode, and will not even come close to 65 watts average if it has a transmitter.
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